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Pancaroba: Feeling a bit under the weather?

by Nora Setiawan
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Feeling a bit under the weather? It might be a well known phenomenon called “pancaroba” which many people experience now the weather is changing from dry- to the wet season.

In Indonesia there are no extreme seasons, such winter or summer;there’s two seasons, wet and dry.  In most parts of Indonesia, wet or rainy falls between October and April, and dry falls between May and September. In rainy season, the rain tends to come a sudden tropically downpours, but it can also rain nonstop for days. When in dry season, it is slightly hotter and drier than wet season.

However, weather in Indonesia could change extremely. In midday, the weather could be scorching hot, but during night, it changes to be quite cold and windy. This weather changing is called ‘Pancaroba’ , it happens when the seasonal transition from dry to wet season on September, or the opposite, from wet to dry on April. The climate change and its temperature apparently will affect our health, that is because our body have to adapt to the changing temperature, and our immune system becomes low, so most of people will be unwell or get sick during ‘Pancaroba’

Typical of sickness during ‘Pancaroba’ is getting fever, influenza, cough, respiratory disorder, digestion disorder or even thypus. This kind of sickness will certainly happen in every climate change or ‘Pancaroba.’ To prevent such sickness, we should have a proper clean meal, take a rest, consume a vitamin, drink lots water and do sports. It will help to improve our health during ‘Pancaroba’. Oh and of course the miracle potion: Tolak Angin!

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