Bali Budget Housing - Long Term Rentals in Bali

Long term rental of affordable houses and apartments in Bali

Latest Bali Long Term Rentals

  • Seminyak accommodation
     2   2   1 
    195mio per year - Seminyak

    Two Bedrooms Villa for Rent in Seminyak

    Fully furnished 2 bedrooms villa for rent in Seminyak with swimming pool
  • Padangsambian apartments
     2   1   0 
    65mio per year - Padangsambian

    House for Rent in Padangsambian, West Denpasar

    2 bedrooms house for rent in Padangsambian, close to Kerobokan
  • Jimbaran property
     2   1   0 
    15mio per month - Jimbaran

    Good House for Rent in Jimbaran

    House for rent in Jimbaran with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, yearly rental also available for lower price
  • house for rent in Jimbaran
     3   3   1 
    195mio per year - Jimbaran

    Villa for Rent in Jimbaran

    Fully furnished 2 stories villa for rent in Jimbaran
  • accommodation in Canggu
     1   1   0 
    4.15mio per month - Canggu

    Great Apartment for Rent in Canggu

    Great apartment for rent in Canggu, with garden and full furnished. Brand new rooms are available starting 28 Nov 2016.
  • Jimbaran apartment
     1   1   1 
    3.5mio per month - Jimbaran

    Homestay for Rent in Jimbaran

    This property is fully rented until December 2016 H2O Jimbaran homestay is the perfect home at paradise of Bali
  • Jimbaran house for rent
     1   1   0 
    3mio per month - Jimbaran

    Good Apartment for Rent in Jimbaran

    Good apartment for rent in Jimbaran with daily cleaning
  •  2   2   0 
    4.5mio per month - Jimbaran

    Cheap House for Rent in Jimbaran

    2 bedrooms house for rent in Jimbaran, minimum: 8 months lease
  • Canggu property
     2   2   0 
    90mio per year - Canggu

    Good House for Rent in Canggu

    2 bedrooms house for rent in Canggu
  • house for rent in Kerobokan
     1   1   0 
    4.5mio per month - Kerobokan

    Room for Rent in Kerobokan

    Nice room for rent in Kerobokan
  • Kerobokan accommodation
     1   1   0 
    4.9mio per month - Kerobokan

    Studio Apartment for Rent in Kerobokan

    Fully furnished one bedroom studio apartment for rent in Kerobokan, available until 15 July 2018
  • Canggu house for rent
     3   1   0 
    35mio per year - Canggu

    House for Rent in Canggu

    Unfurnished house for rent in Canggu with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom