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    Galungan Ceremony

    Bali Culture: Galungan ceremony The word Galungan in ancient Javanese  means victory, and the meaning of Galungan is to celebrate the victory of dharma
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    Tumpek Pengatag Ceremony

    Bali Culture: Tumpek Pengatag ceremony Annaad bhavanti bhuutaani. Prajnyaad annasambhavad. Yadnyad bhavati parjanyo. Yadnyah karma samudbhavad. (Bhagavad
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    Potong Gigi Ceremony

    Bali Culture: Potong Gigi ceremony Potong gigi ceremony in Bali, is one of a series of activities for the “Manusa Yadnya” ceremony (religious ceremony for
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    Tumpek Landep Ceremony

    Bali Culture: Tumpek Landep ceremony Tomorrow the Tumpek Landep ceremony will take place, for those new to Bali this can be quite a spectacle. The Balinese
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    Pagerwesi Ceremony

    Bali Culture: The Pagerwesi ceremony Pagerwesi means the fence of iron. It symbolizes a strong protection. Something that is protected means something of