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Top 7 Bali Website 2016 – List of Bali Guide Site by Bali Budget Housing

by Paschalia

We notice that lately, there are plenty of new website or blog that coming up to cover about Bali. Choosing a Bali guide for your Bali holiday will cost a lot of time if you are randomized pick a website, as there are plenty of them right now and sometime your search is end up […]


Emergency Contact Numbers in Bali

by Yenny

Bali Important Numbers in Case of an Emergency Quick Guide Please dial +62 (0)361 112 from your phone for main emergency assistance services in Bali. Other numbers that you should know: Ambulance = 118 Search & Rescue = 111, 115, 151 Police = 110 Fire Department = 113       Dialing Procedure If you […]

internet in Bali gear

One step closer to Stable Internet in Bali

by Bali Budget Housing

The links in this article are affiliate links; there’s a non-affiliate link at the bottom of the article. Stable Internet in Bali by combining your connections! I recently learned about Speedify and it’s been a game changer! (In bold? YES!!) Speedify let’s you combine and use several internet connections at the same time, which to me […]


List of Internet Service Provider in Bali

by Yenny

Getting Internet Services in Bali Slow internet speed? Yes, that is one of the many common problems for foreigner living in Bali, especially someone from a country that has incredible fast internet speed for cheap price. The most part of Indonesian islands, including Bali, don’t have the sort of infrastructure to support many of these […]


Galungan Ceremony

by Dayu

Bali Culture: Galungan ceremony The word Galungan in ancient Javanese  means victory, and the meaning of Galungan is to celebrate the victory of dharma (goodnes) againts adharma (crime/bad things) and to deliver  gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (main God) for creating the world and everything in it as well as the gifts that […]


Tumpek Pengatag Ceremony

by Dayu

Bali Culture: Tumpek Pengatag ceremony Annaad bhavanti bhuutaani. Prajnyaad annasambhavad. Yadnyad bhavati parjanyo. Yadnyah karma samudbhavad. (Bhagavad Gita.III.14) “Makhluk hidup berasal dari makanan. Makanan berasal dari tumbuh-tumbuhan. Tumbuh-tumbuhan berasal dari hujan. Hujan berasal dari yadnya. Yadnya itu adalah karma” Living things come from food. Food derived from plants. Herbs come from the rain. Rain comes […]


Potong Gigi Ceremony

by Dayu

Bali Culture: Potong Gigi ceremony Potong gigi ceremony in Bali, is one of a series of activities for the “Manusa Yadnya” ceremony (religious ceremony for humans). Potong gigi ceremony (tooth filing ceremony) means cleaning the vices that exist in human beings. In Bali its known as Metatah or Mesanggih. The 6 canines in the top […]


Pancaroba: Feeling a bit under the weather?

by Nora Setiawan

                Feeling a bit under the weather? It might be a well known phenomenon called “pancaroba” which many people experience now the weather is changing from dry- to the wet season. In Indonesia there are no extreme seasons, such winter or summer;there’s two seasons, wet and dry.  In most parts […]


Tumpek Landep Ceremony

by Dayu

Bali Culture: Tumpek Landep ceremony Tomorrow the Tumpek Landep ceremony will take place, for those new to Bali this can be quite a spectacle. The Balinese people pay homage to the main goddess Ida Sang Hyang Widhi for blessing them with the intelligence to create tools to make everyday life easier. As a result of […]


Pagerwesi Ceremony

by Dayu

Bali Culture: The Pagerwesi ceremony Pagerwesi means the fence of iron. It symbolizes a strong protection. Something that is protected means something of high value, so it will not get any interference or easily damaged. Pagerwesi often interpreted by Hindus as the day to defence themselves in Balinese language called (magehang awak). At this ceremony […]