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Tumpek Pengatag Ceremony

by Dayu

Bali Culture: Tumpek Pengatag ceremony

Annaad bhavanti bhuutaani.
Prajnyaad annasambhavad.
Yadnyad bhavati parjanyo.
Yadnyah karma samudbhavad.
(Bhagavad Gita.III.14)

“Makhluk hidup berasal dari makanan. Makanan berasal dari tumbuh-tumbuhan. Tumbuh-tumbuhan berasal dari hujan. Hujan berasal dari yadnya. Yadnya itu adalah karma”

Living things come from food. Food derived from plants. Herbs come from the rain. Rain comes from yadnya. Yadnya it was karma.

Without plants, all living creatures cannot survive, as plants and herbs are a staple food for all animals and humans . The presence of vegetation is Yadnya of the earth and the sky to all living beings. And yet we still do not appreciate what we have received from the mother earth. To understand and appreciate this we must follow the teachings of the Balinese concept of Tumpek Pengatag a cultural wisdom that has survived since the beginning of the Balinese culture.

God Sangkara

Tumpek Pengatag is a day to harness gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa ( Balinese main God) in the manifestation of a God Sangkara (Ancient Balinese people refer to it as Kaki Bentuyung(grandad Bentuyung) the god of herbs). This special day is conducted by performing a ceremony to the trees with offerings of porridge / bubuh are made of special materials. Additionally, Tumpek Pengatag is also the series of beginnings in the preparation for the Galungan ceremony (Balinese major ceremony).

tumpekpengatag 1

Philosophy and Mythology

Human beings are the most greedy of living beings and creatures, and often do things that can destroy the balance of life of the plants. To promote an attitude and a love of all vegetation, Hindus invoke the guidance of God Sangkara as a manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Tumpek pengatag is a sacred ritual process to remind human to always invoke God’s guidance in developing and protecting vegetation as a source of food as the most important of living things. Celebration of Tumpek Pengatag is intended to teach mankind that we must give thanks for the harmony that helps us stay in the universe. To honor and respect the earth and everything in it, especially plants and signaling and deep significance for man to love and care for nature and the environment that has contributed to sustain life and livelihood.

About the Tumpek Pengatag ceremony

Porridge is a symbol of prosperity in Balinese culture. Tumpek Pengatag celebration is intended as an expression of gratitude for the gift of fertility given From Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa so that all kinds of plants can grow well. The herbs that went on to become the main source of life for a mankind. In the Hindu religion, the known concept of three-element or Tri Chanda is the cause of life and living. The three elements namely vata (air), apah (water) and ausada (plants). Without these three elements, life can not take place.
Typically, the porridge that made in Tumpek Pengatag is red and white porridge. Red porridge is a symbol of purusa (masculine) while the white porridge is a symbol pradana (feminine). The unification of the two elements that led to the birth of life. At the time of this ceremony usually Balinese people saying sahe, like a mantra but not a mantra. It goes like this: ” Kaki-kaki buin selai lemeng Galungane mangde mebuah ngeed, ngeed ngeed (grandad, Galungan will be held in 25 days, hopefully fruitful “. As the sentence was pronounced approximately deliver to the people while offering containing porridge in front of the plant.

When is the ceremony

Tumpek Pengatag also know as tumpek bubuh, tumpek wariga, tumpek pengarah. This ceremony is held on Saniscara, Kliwon, Wuku Wariga, or 25 days before Galungan ceremony. It will held on 22 November 2014.

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