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Bali Budget Housing’s goal is to make it easy to find-, rent- and move into affordable long term rentals in Bali.


It’s easy to find a luxury villa in Bali, however although there is a lot of supply of incredibly affordable- and very suitable accommodation that is available for long-term rent, information is very scattered and finding options can be a very time consuming and frustrating undertaking.

When looking for a luxury villa there are many agencies that are happy to show and evaluate all available options and are ready to guide you through the whole process of renting your dream house in paradise once you’ve made your choice.


Three Hurdles

Finding information

For Bali long term rentals on a budget, the first hurdle is to get an overview what’s available. Listings are scattered over several hard-to-find sources, often in bahasa Indonesia and frequently not accurate nor up to date.

Culture Gap

The second hurdle is the culture gap. For luxury villa’s agents help to close this gap. They know which Bali customs are hard to understand for foreigners and vice versa. In the budget accommodation segment, you’re likely to deal directly with an Indonesian land-lord (who might not speak English). It’s not just the language barrier that might be an issue though, whole different rules that might seem strange to foreigners apply to the rental industry.


The third hurdle arises after you’ve found your dream place and have been able to close the deal. Now you’ll have to move in, however again you’ll have to get familiar with a whole new foreign ecosystems like finding somebody to fit a water heater and air conditioning, arranging for garbage pickup, local authorities might charge fees you’re unfamiliar with, possibly you’d like to find a maid to help with chores in the house etc etc.


It’s all very doable, however can be daunting without experience. And this is where Bali Budget Housing can help. We’ll assist you to find your dream house through our website.

Bali Budget Housing is here to help you find (and move into) affordable longterm accommodation in Bali.

Contact us to let us know what you’re looking for so we can help you best!


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